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2008 Nissan Nuvu Concept

(from Nuvu Press Release) Nuvu: Reshaping the City
Within just a few years, cities all over the world will be at near bursting point. If mankind wants to retain the level of personal mobility it currently enjoys – and if the city is to survive – the only way forward is for a radical rethink of the type of cars driven there. One solution could be a car like Nuvu, designed for the city of the not-too-distant future.

2008 Nissan Nuvu Concept-12008 Nissan Nuvu Concept-2“Nuvu is literally a ‘new view’ at the future of the city car. It is electric, of course, but as far as Nissan is concerned, for tomorrow's city cars that is a given. No, the most important aspect of Nuvu is the interior design which provides great comfort and space in an intelligent package designed to make best use of our crowded roads and limited parking slots.”
- Franзois Bancon, General Manager, Exploratory and Advance Planning Department, Product Strategy and Product Planning Division, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

At a glance
-- 2 +1 seating in compact 3m package
-- Unique platform for Nuvu
-- Zero emissions from EV drivetrain
-- Drivetrain previews production EV due soon
-- X-By-Wire control for all dynamic functions
-- Extensive use of natural, organic and recycled materials
-- An urban oasis complete with its own tree inside, which...
...provides shade for the interior, and
...generates solar energy via its ‘leaves’

Nissan has already announced plans to introduce an all-electric car in Japan and the US in 2010 and to mass-market it globally in 2012. Nuvu is not that car, though it does share some of the technology that will feature in the planned production vehicle. Rather, it is a concept of how a Nissan EV might look in the near future.

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