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2009 LSE Coupe

At first glance, the 2009 LSE Coupe partly resembles a Range Rover Sport, but if you take a closer look, you’ll notice that instead of four doors, there’s only two—that’s exactly what LSE Design UK CEO Andrew Green wanted you to think. “We designed the car to look like it just rolled out of the manufacturer’s factory; not as if a tuning firm got their hands on it,” he describes. “We wanted it to look natural, so that when people look at it, they wouldn’t be able to see the differences compared to a regular Range Rover Sport.”

LSE -1LSE -2For the past 18 months, LSE Design UK designers have been hard at work creating the LSE Coupe to officially unveil at this year’s SEMA Show. Green also raced the Coupe in this past summer’s 10th Anniversary of the Gumball 3000 Rally. Though official specs haven’t been released yet, Green did mention that all the body panels on the LSE Coupe have been redesigned, creating a subtle, but unique look from its original platform. LED lights surrounding the exterior give it a dramatic look, while its panoramic sunroof, 2+2 seating and light performance upgrades definitely sets it apart.

Starting at a base price of $250,000, LSE Coupe owners can fully customize their ride with additional upgrades that allow you to personalize it to your specifications. Under the hood, the standard engine revs out about 500 horsepower, but those who want an extra boost can opt for numerous performance upgrades, such as an ECU enhancement. LSE Design UK is also currently working on building different engine options and a twin-turbo variant.

Additional amenity extras include: shades from a never-ending palate of choices offered from House of Kolor paints; aluminum and metal interior accessories (LSE is working with manufacturers who also do the interior for Bentley, Bugatti and Rolls-Royce); diamond-studded accessories like the speedometer with an individual jewel for each 10 mph increment on the dial; leather, Alacantra and suede interior; tunable exhaust system; performance brake upgrades and so much more. Basically, you pick out what you want your LSE to have, and they’ll ship it to you just the way you want it!

While they are in a partnership with Land Rover, LSE worked out a deal that would allow them to sell the coachbuilt SUV through selected Land Rover dealerships across the country and even provide service under an LSE warranty. While specs are still being announced, Green did mention that LSE will hopefully be coming out with electric variants of the LSE Coupe in the future, as well as a long wheel base Range Rover and maybe even their own coachbuilt SUT.

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