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Superformance MKIII-R roadster

Another car from the ’refuses to die’ file is the Shelby Cobra. Official replica maker Superformance is one of the largest makers of the Cobra kit, and they also add improvements to the spartan racer. The latest evolution of the fiberglass kit is the Special Edition MKIII-R developed in collaboration with Roush.

MKIII-R roadster-2MKIII-R roadster-1Customers can choose from a variety of Roush crate motors including the 427 IR V8 that is dyno tested at 576 horsepower and comes with a 2-year/24,000 mile warranty. The MKIII features custom Cobra seats with four-point harnesses, black chrome trim, Roush floor mats and short throw shifter, custom Roush-engraved wind wings, and a unique Monza Red paint scheme with silver stripes and black pin stripes.

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