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20th Anniversary Edition Weissmanns

Weissmann just turned 20-years-young. To celebrate the German sports car builder is churning out special edition variants of its MF3, MF4 and MF5. The company is only building thirty examples of each car, making for an ultra-rare ride with some serious performance. Weissmann sources all of its power plants from BMW, and for the special edition version of the MF3, the company has opted for the inline six out of the E46 M3 CSL.

20th Anniversary Edition Weissmanns-120th Anniversary Edition Weissmanns-2That’s 350 high reving horses to you and to me. Each car will be available in one of three trims: Sporty, Elegant or Style. The Sporty trim serves up black lacquer paint with red leather interior while Elegant delivers a unique silver paint with blue leather inside. Style offers a more reserved look with a matte white exterior and gray leather interior.

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