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Citroen Hybrid WRC

While Citroen’s headliner at Paris this year is the massive, oddball GT, we’re more interested in this pint-sized brawler. It’s the C4 WRC Hymotion4. You read that right — WRC, as in World Rally Chapmionship. The car is equipped with the company’s Hymotion4 system, which uses regenerative braking to charge rear-mounted battery packs.

Citroen Hybrid WRC In turn, those batteries power an additional electric motor for an extra boost during acceleration or to power the vehicle without the petrol mill up front. It can also be used in cooperation with the gasoline engine to reduce fuel consumption by about 30 percent. Though this is just a concept for the time being, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Loeb launching one of these things through WRC stages sometime soon.

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