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Can we buy Cadillac XLR for $8,000?

This week, we got the unfortunate but expected news that Cadillac is taking the XLR roadster out of production. This is disheartening news, because the XLR might be the most Cadillacky Cadillac. Especially the XLR-V. But after a little quality time with my best friend eBay Motors, I gained some perspective. Cadillac’s last stab at a 2 seat roadster, the Allante, was also a dismal failure in its day. In spite of a superb Northstar V8 and truly avant-garde styling inside and out, Americans didn’t bite.

Cadillac XLRIt might have been because Cadillac just didn’t have the image, or because the price flew alongside 747s. It might be because the Allante was - ugh - front wheel drive. Or, to quote my mechanic Bobby, because the Allante was “a fucking box of shit.” But still, low mileage examples (think 1991 and 60k) are rolling out of eBay Motors - already notorious for above-market pricing - for only $5,000. That’s about a third the price of a new Honda Civic. So in 15 years, when the Honda Civic costs some $24 grand, maybe I’ll be able to drive away in my own gorgeous Cadillac roadster for $8000 bucks.

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