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Alfa Romeo 149

Alfa Romeo 149 will be offered in both three and five doors version and will go on sale in the middle of next year as a direct rival to Ford’s Focus (European version).

Alfa Romeo 149-1Alfa Romeo 149-2The 149 is based on the same platform as the Fiat Bravo and Lancia Delta. Just like the Alfa’s smallest car, the MiTo, the 149 will borrow from the lines of the 8C Competizione and translate it into a small hatch — not a bad place to start. Under the hood Alfa Romeo will place a range of 1.4-liter gas turbo and 1.9 diesel units ranging from 120bhp to 250bhp.

This is the exact kind of design that will make small cars popular in the U.S. If (and this is a big IF) Alfa can bring this here as both stylish and frugal, it may have a revolution on its hands.

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