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Volkswagen SP-2 Concept

Designer Marcelo Rosa has gone retro but not much of the world knows it. He has put together a modern interpretation of the Volkswagen SP2, that can possibly be based on the VW Scirocco.

Volkswagen SP-2 Concept-1Volkswagen SP-2 Concept-2Although this design study is somewhat of a retomobile, the SP2 name doesn’t mean much to people out side of Brazil and die-hard Volkswagen fans. In the 70s, strict import laws meant that Volkswagen’s Brazilian subsidiary had to rely on itself to make a sports car. The result was the SP2: a great execution in design, with a lack luster engine. The SP2 was based around the Squareback, which itself was based on the original Beetle. It only had 75 hp (it’s predecessor the SP1 had only 65hp,) which did not help sales, and a little over 10,000 were produced over a five-year run.

Now that Volkswagen has bigger engines, a Scirocco-based SP2 may just be the right kind of budget-minded performance coupe to gain some real attention.

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