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100th Tesla Roadster delivered

The 100th Tesla Roadster has been delivered in the course of this last week, showing that perhaps there is still a market out there for the Californian company that specialises in electric cars. While it’s an expensive vehicle at 109,000 USD, a recharge of the battery costs between $2.50 and $5.50 and gives a range of 244 miles.

 Tesla Roadster-1 Tesla Roadster-2Difficult times for Tesla have seen a lag in production from the 30 cars a week initially expected to be produced, down to 15. The original target of 30 was set to be reached by spring 2009. As long as the Roadster has its problems, the second model from the company, the Model S sedan, is unlikely to ever see the light of day.

The Tesla company is holding out for some government funding to continue production, which could be difficult in current economic times. Strange though, that governments are prepared to make anti-pollution laws but are often less prepared to finance the very projects that may achieve those aims.

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