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2009 Toyota Sienna

To answer that question, and others as well, we checked out Toyota’s latest edition of the Sienna, one of the top offerings of its type. Of course, credit should go to Chrysler for creating the segment with its Caravan/Voyager design in the first place, but many other manufacturers have refined and enhanced the concept in numerous ways: Toyota especially, having rolled out the Sienna in 1998. This first-gen model was much smaller (three inches narrower and five inches shorter in the wheelbase) than the 2009 model shown here, but remained in the lineup until 2003, despite the cramped accommodations. The current version that debuted in 2004 has gone through a number of changes. While we’ve heard rumors of a 2010 redesign, the 2009 Toyota Sienna offers excellent comfort, convenience and safety features, as well as being the only vehicle in its class with a choice of all-wheel drive (AWD). Optional 17-inch wheels are now available on LE models.

2009 Toyota Sienna-12009 Toyota Sienna-2Performance
Figure on being able to scoot from 0 to 60 mph in 8.0 seconds or less, assuming an empty load (which won’t be often, considering the 149 cubic-feet of cargo capacity). Tow rating is as much as 3500 pounds, suitable for light trailers. The revised 2008 EPA figures come in at 17 mpg city and 23 mpg highway for front-drive models, while the AWD versions rate 16 and 21, respectively. Those are fairly respectable numbers but can this bus corner? Well, with available safety features such as ABS, traction control, and an antiskid system, the Sienna comports itself surprisingly well. Its optional all-wheel drive is a plus for stable road holding on wet or slippery pavement.

The Sienna’s cabin is not only cavernous but also classy, dressed in quality fabric even on lower trim levels, and leather and wood-style trim on the higher-end models. Seating is comfortable throughout the interior, front to back, a fact that not all minivans can boast. One’s hindquarters sink into the cushy padding just the right amount, with the shape properly conforming. Our one small gripe, however. If you get the top-line Sienna, with power passenger seats, you lose two practical aspects: a small storage bin beneath the front passenger seat, and a folding function for that same seat. If you want these two features, choose the less-expensive LE.

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