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Honda FCX Clarity to be launched in Japan

Following its successful launch in the US, Honda has begun leasing the Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell car in Japan, delivering the first vehicle to the Ministry of the Environment.

Honda FCX ClarityWhile Honda plans to lease the FCX Clarity to government agencies and selected corporate entities, the roll out is part of the company’s broader commitment to lease the FCX Clarity to at least 200 customers in the United States and Japan over the next three years.

A dedicated fuel cell vehicle, the four-seater FCX Clarity runs on electricity produced by combining hydrogen with oxygen and emits only water vapour. Honda claims the vehicle is twice as energy efficient as a petrol-electric hybrid with three times better fuel efficiency than a traditional, petrol-powered car.

The FCX Clarity is powered by the Honda V Flow fuel cell stack that powers the car’s motor. A breakthrough in the design of the fuel cell stack has enabled engineers to lighten the body, expand the interior and increase efficiency.

Launched in the US in July 2008, the FCX Clarity was the first hydrogen car certified for regular commercial use by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. One of the first customers to lease the FCX Clarity was Hollywood star Jamie Lee-Curtis. Other well-known Honda FCX Clarity drivers from the world of entertainment are actress Laura Harris from the television show 24 and film producer Ron Yerxa.

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