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Honda Jazz Review

The old Honda Jazz has been at the top of the tree since its launch in 2002 and the company is eager to reassure us that new Honda Jazz is the same only better. This was a car that appealed to a wide range of customers, from driving instructors to little old ladies and even at the end of its production, the Honda Jazz still held third place against its competitors. Such is its attraction that it has been at the top, or thereabouts, of the sales charts every year, selling over 2 million, worldwide and picking up over 30 awards along the way.

Honda JazzAlthough the new version went on sale in October 2008, there has been little or nothing in the way of advertising. This is not an oversight on the part of Honda but rather that it doesn't need to because historically, over half of the people who bought the previous model, signed up for more of the same and are expected to do so again. Moreover, they were not shy about spreading the word to friends and family.

The front end has a vague hint of the Honda Civic about it with new, larger headlights and a honeycomb grille set into the deep font bumper. At the other end, the new LED taillights and black gloss trim that carries the Honda logo, serves to extend the angled, lower edge of the windscreen. The tailgate narrows near the rear bumper and appears to limit the load aperture.

A new feature, available on the 1.4-engined models, is the 'Double Trunk'. It is a clever piece of kit that makes the most of the 337-litre boot space. It has four functions with under-floor storage and a base that is split between solid and a framed cargo net to stop things rolling about.

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