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2010 Mercedes E500 Coupe

We've been able to show you some candid spy photos of the upcoming Mercedes E-Class Coupe, but here's likely the first official press shots of the upcoming 2010 Mercedes E500 Coupe.

2010 Mercedes E500 Coupe-22010 Mercedes E500 Coupe-1We question the absolute legitimacy of these photos, but they could quite possibly be the first official images of the 2010 Mercedes E500 Coupe. The 2010 E-Class sedan has already been revealed so the front design doesn't tell us anything new, but the rear end and the profile have been tidied up nicely to create the coupe. No official information is available, but we expect the new E-Class Coupe to receive not only the V8, but the whole range of engines offered to it's sedan sibling.

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