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Geiger Hummer H3 V8 Kompressor

Hummer’s troubled present and uncertain future are no impediment to tuners hell-bent on creating the most insane vehicles possible, and this blown V8 Hummer H3 is a prime example. Today the Germans at Geiger Cars, already known for some outlandish Hummer creations, have unleashed the H3 V8 Kompressor on an unsuspecting world.

Geiger Hummer H3 V8 KompressorThe ‘baby Hummer‘ is just a shade under 4,700lbs (2,131kg) in stock form, its 3.7L five-cylinder delivering yawn-inspiring performance with just 239hp (178kW) and 241lb-ft (327Nm) of torque on tap, though it ekes out a 14/18mpg city/highway rating. Even the stock 5.3L V8 makes just 300hp (224kW) and 320lb-ft (434Nm) of torque despite its displacement, and though it’s certainly more up to the task of promptly getting the H3 to speed, it takes a hit in the efficiency department, dropping to 13/16mpg city/highway thanks in part to its 5,069lb (2,299kg) weight.

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