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Suzuki Kizashi 3 concept

Suzuki, refuting media reports from Japan on Monday, today said it still plans to release a mid-sized sedan based on the Kizashi 3 concept in the United States this year. The Nikkei business daily reported that production plans for the car had been shelved.

Suzuki Kizashi 3 concept“The production version will debut at this year’s New York auto show in April,” said Jeff Holland, spokesman for American Suzuki Motor Corp, “Suzuki will announce when the 2010 sedan will arrive in showrooms at the New York show”.

Suzuki unveiled the Kizashi 3 concept at the New York auto show in March 2008. Kizashi, which means “prelude” in Japanese, is an important addition to Suzuki’s limited vehicle lineup. Dealers in the United States hope it will boost brand interest ahead of the anticipated return of the Swift subcompact in 2010.

Suzuki built a factory in Sagara, Japan, to produce the production version of the mid-sized sedan. Suzuki has not announced what the car will be called when it goes on sale.

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