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Renault Sandero GT

The French brand has released the Renault Sandero GT in Colombia. Don't get all excited! The "GT" has nothing to do with extra performance. The Renault Sandero GT is just a styling package for the French economic-class model, which aims to give it a more aggressive look.

Renault Sandero GTWe're not sure if the Renault Sandero GT looks more aggressive, but we guess the package will set it apart from the thousands of Sanderos that roam the streets Bogota everyday. Until everybody gets the package that is.

The Renault Sandero GT kit includes a new front and rear bumper, front grille and side skirts. The Renault Sandero GT also comes with a little bling/chrome on the exhaust tip and a rear diffuser.

For the interior, the Renault Sandero GT offers a Kenwood sound system with an USB port.

The Renault Sandero GT price in Colombia is the equivalent of around 11,500 Euros.

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