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Gold-Plated Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti has outfitted the Veyron with just about everything. From the Blue Centenaire to the Mirror-Finished Bugatti, the Veyron Targa to the Fbg par Hermes, and of course all the custom shop designs like the Masonry Linea Vicero, we’d thought we’d seen it all. Enter the gold-platted Bugatti Veyron, ordered by a Kuwati customer who drives the shiny beast in between $10,000 detail jobs.

Gold-Plated Bugatti VeyronIt seems that all Bugatti has left is to have the Veyron diamond-encrusted like Prince Al-Waleed’s Diamond Encrusted Mercedes which you can look at for free, but break out $1000 to touch. The gold-plated Veyron reminds us of other gold-platted rides such as Gold Russian Porsche 911, Gold MV Agusta F4, and the Gold Aston Martin. If you’re looking to get your shine on in 24-carat gold, palladium or platinum, check out Alchemist’s Plating Process.

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At 8:21 PM, Anonymous National Transport LLC said...

That is, yet another sweet looking ride!


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