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Sunbeam Tiger LSR concept

For the centennial of the original 1925 Sunbeam Tiger land speed record car, British design student Ryan Skelley has mocked up this sweet ride. We’re huge fans of the lines, notable wheel-separation and no-windshield look. Not to mention, this version is 100% electric.

Sunbeam Tiger LSRWhile the original 1925 LSR had a V12 and hit 145mph, Skelley hypothesizes that the new concept would use lithium titanate batteries to power an electric motor and to hit 0-60 mph in 2.3 seconds and reach a top end speed of 160 mph. The range of the 2025 Sunbeam is claimed to be 800 miles, which like the other specs is Skelley’s theory. Whether or not the design can achieve those numbers is irrelevant in our minds.

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