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Rolls Royce 101EX

A new concept from Rolls Royce.

Rolls Royce 101EXRolls Royce 101EX 2Rolls Royce 101EX 3Rolls Royce 101EX 4Rolls Royce 101EX 5After the 100EX, this year it's the turn of the 101EX, another convertible concept, very similar to the 100EX, but more down-to-earth: it's shorter (24 cm less than the Phantom) and the engine is a V12 with the typical 6.75 liters Rolls capacity, instead of a V16. 75% of maximum torque is available from 1,000 rpm.

Rolls Royce says that there are no production plans for the 101EX, but it's curiosly similar to the Rolls Royce convertible seen in some spy-shots recently.
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