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The luxury Le Mans racer ?

The folks on the Peugeot stand looked like the cats that got the cream after unveiling the 908 RC concept car.

peugeot 908 RCpeugeot 908 RC 2peugeot 908 RC 3 The 908 itself was looking more like an angry lion, with its bold muscular face and 'whiskers' ahead of the front wheel.

Well, it's a concept car and flights of fancy are the order of the day.

At the back of the 908 RC things are more serious, as the 700bhp V12 turbodiesel engine is the same unit that will power Peugeot's Le Mans racer in 2007.

Mid-mounted, the engine still leaves plenty of space in the cabin for four generously spaced seats and all the luxury you could point a baton at.

We love the way the windscreen arcs up and over to flow into the roof, which Peugeot says will be something to feature on future production models.

However, the same people say the 908 is very unlikely to be anything other than a concept.

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