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2007 Spyker Formula One F8-VII

(information from Spyker F1) Chassis

2007 Spyker Formula One F8-VII2007 Spyker Formula One F8-VII 22007 Spyker Formula One F8-VII 32007 Spyker Formula One F8-VII 4Chassis: Full carbon fibre composite monocoque
Front suspension: Composite pushrods activating chassis mounted in-line dampers and torsion bars, unequal length composite aerodynamic wishbones, front anti-roll bar and cast uprights
Rear suspension: Composite pushrods activating gearbox mounted rotary dampers & torsion bars, unequal length composite aerodynamic wishbones, and cast uprights
Transmission: In-house Spyker design. 7-speed + reverse longitudinal gearbox with electrohydraulic sequential gear change
Wheel base: More than 3000mm
Front track: 1480mm
Rear track: 1418mm
Overall height: 950mm
Overall length: Approx. 5000mm
Overall weight: 605kg (with driver, by regulations)
Clutch: Triple plate AP racing clutch
Wheels: Forged BBS wheels to Spyker specification
Fuel tank capacity: Over 90kg


Designation: Ferrari F1-056H
Number of cylinders: 8
Capacity: 2398cc
Horsepower: More than 700bhp
Revolutions: 19,000rpm (by regulations)
Valve actuation: Pneumatic
Throttle actuation: Hydraulic
Spark plugs: NGK

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