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2007 Grabercars La Bala

(from Grabercars Press Release) The car is for sale in both turnkey-minus and self-assembly format. Pricing for the self-assembly model starts at $25,000 and is a complete package minus drivetrain and paint.

2007 Grabercars La Bala2007 Grabercars La Bala 22007 Grabercars La Bala 32007 Grabercars La Bala 4The key features of this car are its light weight (for a full-bodied car) of only 1,500Lbs, and the capability for the purchaser to utilize virtually any FWD drivetrain they desire. This is due to the modular construction of the engine bay. Of course the lighter the engine package the better balanced the car becomes, and with a turbocharged 1.6L Toyota powerplant (in the current car) making 170Hp, the car does 0-60 in 4.3 seconds and has a F/R weight bias of 35/65. This is a street legal track car that is similar in size to a Lotus Elise. The photos I am sending show the car in full track trim. Length 124", wheelbase 98", track 57", width 67".

Grabercars is based out of Phoenix, Arizona and is only moments from Sky Harbor International Airport. We welcome prospective customers.

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