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2007 Mastretta MXT Prototype: more photos

(from Mastretta Design Press Release) Mexico City based TECNOIDEA, S.A DE C.V ( has presented the first prototype of its new MASTRETTA MXT sports car.

2007 Mastretta MXT Prototype2007 Mastretta MXT Prototype 22007 Mastretta MXT Prototype 32007 Mastretta MXT Prototype 42007 Mastretta MXT Prototype 5
The MXT is a two seat, mid engine sports car to be offered in local and international markets.

Developed in house by our design team, the MXT project has also benefited from of a two year collaboration program between our company and some prestigious engineering companies based in England and the USA.

The frame has specially developed aluminum extrusions with steel complementary subframes. The suspension uses unequal wishbones all around.

The body will be produced using closed mold, high quality fiberglass technology.

The engine and transaxle of the production car will come from a high volume manufacturer established in Mexico.

The car is now under final development and intensive testing program before presentation for Low Volume Type Approval for sales in Europe. In the U.S. market, the car will be initially offered as a component car with a “Track day “ version also offered by end of 2008.

Presentation to the market will be in December 2007 and production will start on January 2008.

First year production target is 150 units.

We are also in the process of creating a distribution network for U.S, Europe, Japan, and other international markets.


Price: USD$ 55,000.00
Production: Jan 2008
Engine: L4, 2.3 liters, normally asp.
Weight: 970 Kg.
HP: 200
Top Speed: 230 Km/h
0 – 100 Km/h: 5.8 seconds
Brakes Vented Disc 11.75 inches, ABS

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This sports car is cool! I'll be waitin' fo this!


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