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Good Old 2CV Citroen May Be About To ReappearGood Old 2CV Citroen May Be About To Reappear

The British magazine Auto Express is reporting that French automaker Citroen is planning to bring back a successor to the 2CV, its classic cheap people's car. Showing images of the VW Beetle-like car with a long, flat clamshell-style hood that shows its relationship to its ancestors, the news story says it takes over "where the Evoque concept car of 2005 left off" and calls the shape "instantly recognizable."

Auto Express says the new 2CV could have a hybrid diesel engine and plastic body panels that would join to give the car good fuel economy and low emissions, as well as a "minimalist" interior and a "retro" speedometer. The gearlever will be centrally placed as in the previous models, the publication says.

A panoramic glass top or a roll-back canvas top would be available on the new 2CV.

The publication cites inside sources as saying a concept could be out as soon as 2009.

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