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Paris Hilton To Drive Spyker in Bullrun Cross-Country TV Event

The Real Bullrun USA 2007, part road rally and part international reality-TV show, has a new contestant: Paris Hilton. The darling of blogs and entertainment pages worldwide, Hilton has been issued a Spyker C8 Spyder in which she will participate in the Montreal-to-Key-West weeklong event.

Paris Hilton Drive SpykerThe participants in the Real Bullrun USA event will leave the Montreal Ritz-Carlton on the morning of May 12 and will not learn the subsequent driving itinerary until the morning of each day's driving. The event concludes on May 18. Entrance fee is $17,500 unless, like Paris Hilton, you are an invited participant or are selected by the TV producers to be in the cast of the reality series.

Bullrun will be broadcast in 52 countries, including on Spike TV in the United States. The organizers say it will involve "100 cars, celebrities and a party in every city every night."

Proving it is also a competition of sorts, there will be $200,000 given away as a prize. To find out more, visit the Bullrun Web site.

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