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Honda displayed its FCX concept

Honda says it will put its FCX hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle on the market in small quantities as early as next year. Japanese and U.S. buyers will be the first to be able to lease the car. The company also says it will produce a mass-market hybrid vehicle within two years, promising that it will cost less than $25,000 and be big enough to use as a family transport.

Honda displayed its FCX conceptHonda displayed its FCX concept 2Honda displayed its FCX concept 3Honda displayed its FCX concept 4Honda displayed its FCX concept at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January, saying then that it was the concept form of a vehicle "currently under development for release in 2008."

The automaker showed off two prototypes in the capital on Thursday on a test track. Honda said the fuel-cell vehicles get about 68 mpg and can hit a 100-mph top speed. Driving range is 270 miles, which is a 60-mile improvement over the existing Honda FCX model.

There are currently 20 Honda fuel-cell prototypes on the roads in the United States, mainly being used by government fleets. The automaker says it is working on ways to get large numbers of fueling stations set up, collaborating with Air Products, BP, Chevron and Shell. Another project Honda is working on is a form of home energy station that would let vehicle owners refuel using home natural gas supplies.

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