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Triketec X2 Arrow

Triketec is a relatively new trike brand in Germany, making luxurious three-wheeler motorcycles since 2001. This latest offering, the X2 Arrow, is a crossover — but not in the usual sense.

Triketec X2 ArrowTriketec X2 Arrow 2 Take some bits from a rundown Smart roadster, add a safety cage and some motorcycle bits at the front, and voilà! Basically, that's what the German Triketec company has done. The prototype of the X2 Arrow was shown at a local motorcycle show last year, and the positive reaction prompted the company to offer a production version.The first X2 Arrow features a three-cylinder, 82-horsepower turbocharged engine from the Smart Roadster, but there are cheaper variants with a 61-hp non-turbo engine or even a 41-hp diesel. Other Smart bits include the complete rear and the steering wheel. The two-seater X2 Arrow has a luggage compartment of 14.1 cubic feet, letting drivers consider adding a longer road trip on the to-do list.The highly visible cage is one important safety feature; electronic aids including ABS and brake assist are also on offer.Prices start at the equivalent of $37,800.

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