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2008 Dodge ZEO Concept

Chrysler rolled out three concepts at the 2008 Detroit auto show, each pairing exciting design and glimpse-of-the-future features with environmental friendliness.

All three deliver power through an electric motor system and advanced, yet-to-be-developed lithium-ion battery pack, but each model has a different type of "range extender for the powertrain" - a gasoline or diesel engine that cycles on only when the battery has little charge remaining.

2008 Dodge ZEO Concept2008 Dodge ZEO Concept-22008 Dodge ZEO Concept-3This modular electric/lithium-ion technology that all three employ is being developed by Chrysler's new ENV1, an in-house organization at the company that's focused around developing electric-drive vehicles and advanced-propulsion technologies.

The Dodge ZEO is a four-passenger, 2+2 sport wagon and takes a nearly opposite design direction from the Chrysler, with a long hood, rearward cabin, and monster 23-inch wheels. The ZEO, according to Creed is a "new, responsible breed of muscle car for the 21st Century." With a powerful 200 kW electric motor for a light 2650-pound curb weight, the ZEO can rip out zero-to-sixty times of less than six seconds and is designed to be the environmentally friendly all-electric vehicle for driving enthusiasts.

With a larger lithium-ion battery pack on board, the ZEO can achieve a 250-mile driving range, according to Chrysler, and get a gasoline-equivalent fuel economy of about 120 mpg. That is, provided you don't spend too much time near the 130-mpg top speed in your concept-car fantasy.

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