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2009 Ford Verve Concept

Ford Motor Co. finally ready to fill one of the biggest holes in its North American line-up? Actually, make that a small hole, as in the mini-compact model it desperately needs to draw in both "Millennial" buyers, as well as older motorists looking for basic, fuel-efficient transportation.

2009 Ford Verve Concept2009 Ford Verve Concept-2While the Verve, which debuts at this week's Detroit Auto Show, is officially designated a "concept" car, there's little doubt that this prototype is a close snapshot of what Ford plans to launch in 2010. With Verve, Ford will launch its first true "world car" in more than a decade. The concept vehicle - and the production model to follow - have been jointly developed by Ford's North American and European product development team.

An underlying design goal was to make the Verve look stylish, chic and sporty, rather than soft, flabby and cheap like the entry-level econoboxes of the past. The hood is sculpted to give it an athletic feel, the side profile seems energetic, with pillarless side windows. A panoramic glass roof keeps the small cabin from feeling claustrophobic. The high-mounted LED taillamps complete the sculpting of the overall package. Verve sits atop 18-inch 12-spoke, two-piece alloy wheels, something you normally wouldn't expect in a car of this class.

Two versions of Verve are being shown in Detroit, a three-door concept, primarily geared for Europe, as well as a four-door, more suited for the States. But that distinction could vanish. While this new generation of customers may expect more than their parents, it's as important as ever to woo them over, since someone buying an entry-level model, like Verve, will eventually move up into more expensive cars, trucks and crossovers.

It's all the more important to score with an entry into this rapidly expanding product segment. Small vehicles, in general, are expected to account for nearly half the global market, with demand soaring in the so-called "B-car" segment. Even in the U.S., Ford projects, sales will jump by 25 percent between now and 2012, to about 3.4 million annually.

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