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2008 Creative Workshop Sport Speciale

With modern engineering and traditional Carrozzeria build techniques, this hand built, one-of-a-kind masterpiece is a seamless fusion of style and performance. A car that provides soul and character that no modern car and few classics can emulate. This car captures all of what those magnificent cars of that era were, yet provides a level of ergonomics and performance those cars could only dream of.

Additional Details:
- Body constructed with exact “Carrozzeria” build techniques, as the famous Italian builders of the 50’s did. Body construction is “Superleggera” style.
- All body and chassis elements of car completely fabricated from raw materials – from special thermo-formable acrylic headlight covers to the shift knob, which was machined from a solid block of Stainless Steel.
- Panel “rub protection” in matching leather beading
- Color: Ferrari Rossa Barchetta, OEM code 320

2008 Creative Workshop Sport Speciale2008 Creative Workshop Sport Speciale-2Ergonomics:
- Full heat protection on all cockpit panels
- Adjustable seats – seating position from 5’2” to 6’3”
- Interior door pockets, with matching custom storage pouches
- Custom seats trimmed in Italian glove leather
- Side Exhaust pipes custom bent for burn protection and increased ground clearance
- Custom floor mats
- Integrated passenger compartment heating system

- Removable Head Faring
- Original, Marchal racing fog lights
- Clear Mylar chip protection on all forward facing surfaces
- Integrated trickle charge system
- Original “Quick Fill” racing Monza fuel cap

- Power to Weight Ratio: 4.95
- Weight Distribution: 1000lbs/Front (45%), 1230lbs/Rear (55%)
- Fuel Injection: 12 individual injectors and throttle bodies. Completely programmable – both on the acceleration and deceleration curve.
- Traction: Cutting edge limited slip traction control. No noise, no clicking, power-to-positive-grip-wheel.
- Handling: Racing, quick ratio rack steering, NASCAR-inspired fully adjustable front sway bar.
- Completely adjustable coil over shock absorbers, with multi-position rebound control valving.
- Fuel Cell: Fully Baffled, “1000 rivet style” hand built gas tank, Approximately 20 Gallon capacity.
- Mechanical, self-proportioning, 4-wheel race disc brakes
- Completely hand constructed header and exhaust system. Ceramic coated.

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