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Pics Aplenty Abt AS4 and AS5

We touched on Abt Sportsline's range of upgrades for the current VW and Audi offerings during last year's Essen Motor Show. Unfortunately, we only had drab-looking photos back then, and frankly, the dark backgrounds didn't do much to liven up the looks of the cars.

ABT-AS4-1ABT-AS4-2abt as5-1abtas5-2Since then, Abt has seen fit to produce complete photo sets that show off the company's modifications far better than the earlier images. The available mods are spelled out here, but in both cases, Abt can transform the A4 or A5 with a subtle body kit (especially when compared to some other tuners), new wheels, a sport suspension, a freer-flowing exhaust system, and a variety of power upgrades. In a perfect world where we could have the Euro-spec diesels, we'd happily opt for the Abt-tuned 3.0 TDI. In both cars, it packs 300 horsepower and a stout 442 lb-ft of torque. Yeah, we could get around just fine with that.

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