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2007 Kia Kee Concept

(from Kia Press Release) The all-new Kia Kee sports coupe concept vehicle today made its U.S. debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Previously introduced at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in Germany, the Kee is an expression of the company's emphasis on design and incorporates styling cues that will establish a design language and identity for the brand.

2007 Kia Kee Concept-12007 Kia Kee Concept-2The Kia Kee (pronounced 'key') is a 4.3-metre long, four-seater, 2-door coupe with svelte, newly proportioned lines resulting from a slightly lengthened greenhouse. It is a new interpretation of a 2+2 coupe with an imposing road presence that demonstrates an uncluttered, pure and timeless execution and represents a new design ethos for Kia.

Designed in Europe under the guidance of Kia's Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer, the sports coupe concept is named Kee for several reasons. "Kee refers to the English word 'key' as the coupe embodies design elements which will become essential to the future 'look' of Kia vehicles," explains Schreyer. "The coupe also represents the 'key' which will open the door to success for our brand and acknowledges the Chinese and Korean word 'Ki' – the cultural concept for life-force or spiritual energy."

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