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2008 MTM Audi R8

(from MTM Press Release) It has long been questioned and discussed if we should attend to the Audi R8. Today we can give you an answer: Yes, we will! Therefore we do not want to withhold the first pictures of our prototype.

2008 MTM Audi R82008 MTM Audi R8-2The test car is equipped with forged mtm bimoto rims which – due to their style of construction - are very light but yet rigid. The rim sizes for front and rear axle are specially customized for the R8 and positively influence the tendency to over-/understeer. Sport tyres – so-called semislicks – with MOT approval are optionally available . The rims will be in stock in June.

A special tidbit will be the exhaust-gas system made of stainless steel which will of course be delivered with a flue gas damper control. Please allow us to claim to have managed to improve the already impressive serial sound. Thanks to an elaborated damper piloting we can increase the volume without leaving the permitted range. The result is a TBV certificate delivered with every exhaust-gas system. In stock presumably in May.

Spacers for series wheels, brake pads as well as sport brake pads with 380x34mm for the front axle are already available! The according price list will be put online soon.

There is still room left for speculation. Chassis, aerodynamics and a significant engine modification “house-style”.... Just wait and see!

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At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who's MTM what are they doing to Audi's baby?


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