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2008 Volvo Hot Rod Jakob

(from Volvo Press Release) Hot Rod champion gives the very first Volvo a new lease of life

Hot Rod Jakob is a unique combination of classical car-building craftsmanship allied to modern technology and design. In February 2008 the car will be unveiled at the Volvo Museum in Gцteborg before setting off on a tour of the Nordic region and the USA.

Parked side by side, the similarities between old and new are remarkable. The curvature of the bonnet has exactly the same radius. The characteristic windscreen attachment pillar that runs down the body side follows the original in detail as regards dimensions, materials and the number of screws used. Equally identical is the radiator grille with its characteristic mesh pattern and diagonal bar that incorporates the classic iron symbol. The body has been built by hand from raw aluminium panels that were bent into their final shape using a hammer and English wheel. Exactly as it was done in the prototype workshop back in the 1920s.

2008 Volvo Hot Rod JakobThe entire build is typical of Leif Tufvesson's style. Lean. Aesthetically elegant. Stylishly minimalist. Largely because most of the components have been hidden away inside the body. For instance the springs and dampers, the electrical components and exhaust system. The result is that the body and axles look like they are floating in the air.

Hot Rod Jakob - technical specifications:

Chassis: Carbon-fibre chassis. Steel subframe to carry the engine.

Body: Hand-beaten aluminium body.

Engine: Volvo T5, five-cylinder petrol engine with light-pressure turbocharger, installed longitudinally. Flexifuel conversion so it can run on both petrol and ethanol. Power output: 265 horsepower. Torque: 370 Nm. Max output: 185 kW.

Gearbox: 5-speed manual M90 gearbox (Volvo 960).

Brakes: Specially manufactured brake discs fitted to the wheel rims. Diameter: 450 mm front, 515 mm rear. Twin four-pot callipers per disc.

Front wheels: 10x22" AEZ Forge rims.

Rear wheels: 8x19" AEZ Forge rims.

Front tyres: Pirelli Scorpion special 225/55/19.

Rear tyres: Pirelli Scorpion special 295/40/22.

Exhaust system: Concealed installation of 3" stainless full-flow exhaust system with racing catalytic converter.

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