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Opel Meriva Concept ready for Geneva

The current Opel Meriva on sale to Europeans is a rather ho-hum affair, which is why there's actual anticipation for the Meriva Concept that will debut next week at the Geneva Motor Show. Images of the Meriva Concept have already leaked out, but Opel has made the concept's existence official by releasing the good, high-res stuff and an accompanying press release. This four-door hatch concept that's guaranteed a spot on the production line is cloaked in Opel's new design language, which means clean lines and a simple face with the brand's new grille.

Opel Meriva Concept Opel Meriva Concept -2There are two elements of the Meriva Concept that we find interesting enough to mention again (the rest you can read in the press release after the jump), which include its rear FlexDoors and the kink in its window line. Rear suicide doors are a common feature on concept cars because they allows designers to eliminate the B-pillar, giving photographers a better view of the interior from behind the velvet ropes. The Meriva Concept, however, retains its B-pillars, suggesting the rear suicide doors have a definite shot at making it to the final production car.

We'll finally meet this car in person next week at the Geneva Motor Show, but we don't expect it to make the return trip badged as a Saturn like so many other Opel models.

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