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Cirbin’s V13R Trike

Powered by a 1.25-liter Harley-Davidson V-Rod motorcycle engine, Cirbin’s V13R trike displaces 1250cc and comes with a 5-speed sequential gearbox similar to a motorcycle’s. The dash features a Speedo, Tach, and Fuel Gauge, and the bike has Daytime Running Lamps, hi and low bean headlights, brake and reverse lights, and turn signals.

Cirbin’s V13R TrikeCirbin’s V13R Trike-2The trike comes in red, black, and silver. Purchasers can choose between powder-coated and chrome for the wheels and chassis. While the MSRP starts at $40k, most 2008 V13R Trikes are selling in the $50-$55k range.

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