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Citroen C1 Code

Only a few months after its launch in the UK, the Fiat 500’s cute, retro looks and effortless class have forced other brands to raise their game.

And that’s what Citroen has done with the Code, the latest evolution of its capable C1 city car. The idea is simple – create the most luxurious C1 to date. But is it a classic case of over-egging the pudding? Using the range-topping Rhythm trim as a starting point, Code spec piles on the options, including 14-inch alloy wheels and black metallic paint.

Citroen C1 CodeOn the road, in common with other versions that we have tested, the new C1 provides a frantic and fun driving experience. Its peppy 1.0-litre engine occasionally lacks power, but makes up for any shortfall by offering plenty of enthusiasm.

With the effortlessly light steering and a raspy exhaust note, the C1 is entertaining. In corners, there’s no sliding around in the seats, although that has more to do with the Alcantara providing some resistance than any sign of bolstering. There’s also a feeling of being connected to the road surface that you simply don’t get in a larger car.

In terms of practicality, you have to choose whether you want to carry four occupants without much of a boot, or fold the rear seats down to create a reasonable loading space, but have room for only two. Either way, the C1 is impressively economical, returning 60mpg on the combined cycle and emitting only 109g/km of CO2.

So does the C1 Code work as a package? Well, while you can currently snap one up for £7,945 with some cashback offers, the five-door we drove costs £8,795. And that’s the same as a mid-spec Fiat Panda 1.2 – which provides a big step up in comfort and space.

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