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Remote-Controlled HUMMER H3

When I was a yungin', there was no better way to approximate the thrill of actually driving a car than terrorizing my backyard with a Tamiya Blackfoot. The Blackfoot was a 1:10 scale Ford F-150 monster truck with four independent shocks, two-wheel drive and a plastic flareside body. Fast forward to 2008, and it's not uncommon to see Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters piloting full-size rocket cars from a helicopter using an R/C controller similar to the one I used back in the day.

Remote-Controlled HUMMER H3Perhaps that's why the sight of a full-size, right-hand-drive, radio-controlled HUMMER H3 doesn't shock us much, but we still have to give mad props to engineer Dr. James Brighton from Cranfield University for creating an R/C car that rivals my Blackfoot. GM says the remote-controlled HUMMER can climb a 407mm vertical wall, traverse a 40% side slope and run through 610mm of water. Yeah, but can it jump two tree branches? I thought not. Blackfoot FTW.

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