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Porsche Traveller Concept slaps Stuttgart in the face

There's probably a few clunkers in DaVinci's sketchbook, too. Looking more gnarled than Van Gogh's Potato Eaters hand studies, Ivan Volkov's Porsche Traveller concept picks up design ideas from the Matchbox Fandango, though it doesn't look like the spare wheel on the Traveller incorporates Rolamatic action.

Porsche Traveller ConceptRather than heap massive derision on Volkov's renderings, it would be interesting to get a deeper explanation of the design goals and features incorporated in this car. The SUV/CUV appears to have a pickup-like division between the front and rear body sections, and one thing's for sure, it's got absolutely no chance of seeing production without much further refinement. We'll grant that the Cayenne isn't the most classically handsome conveyance to roll out of Zuffenhausen, but Volkov's Traveller is exponentially more polarizing.

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