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Husmen’s 699 GTO to Hit Production You Decide

After drawing widespread attention for his Ferrari-inspired design for a two-seater fastback coupe, IED Transportation Design student Emre Husmen received an unusual request from an unnamed Italian car company; they wanted to make Husmen’s car. Whether or not the car will actually be produced depends upon the public’s reaction to the design. So, if you like the design and want to see the car produced, make it known by leaving a comment.

Husmen’s 699 GTO-1Husmen’s 699 GTO-2According to Husmen, technical specifications on his 699 GTO “are pretty much defined. Platform and dimensions are similar to (Ferrari’s) 599’s, but the car will be at least 200 kg lighter thanks to its 2-seater carbon fiber monocoque body and the twin-supercharged V8 engine that runs on biofuel. It will also have hydraulic lifting system and a rear view camera (behind the antenna).”

The name, however, will likely change, as will any design aspects that closely resemble Ferrari’s. We wish this guy the best of luck.

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