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Diesel Subaru at 200 hp - New version

Subaru has in store a nasty version of the Impreza, equipped with a diesel engine capable of 200 hp output, which is 50 more than the more normal boxer presented recently.

Diesel Subaru-1Diesel Subaru-2Prodrive of Banbury is behind the development, according to reports from Channel4Car. The Japanese hatchback has a strong point in its sporty attributes (225 km/hr, 0-60 mph in less than seven seconds), with performance and consumption comparable to the best common rail examples currently available.

The name will probably remain as RS so as not to infringe on the WRX STI range. Unfortunately we will have to wait until next year for sales. Until 2009, as regards a diesel, we will have to satisfy ourselves with the powerstep at 150 hp.

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