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Italdesign Quaranta Concept:2008 Geneva Auto Show Preview

Giugiaro, after teasing us with some close-up detail images of the Quaranta concept, has finally released official pictures and info about their new concept, which celebrates 40 year of Italdesign being in business.

 Italdesign Quaranta Concept-3 Italdesign Quaranta Concept Italdesign Quaranta Concept-2The car is powered by a 3.3L hybrid-V6 which is supplied by Toyota. How's that having your cake and eating it too? Stunning Italian design hooked up to Toyota hybrid running gear. It doesn't get much better than that. The entire roof is made up of solar panels that handle the interior electrics, as well as charge the batteries. It also can be run in AWD or 2WD, depending on the conditions.

Giugaro claims a 4.05 seconds from 0-62, and with a 16-gallon fuel tank, the range is 621 miles between refills.

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