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VW Golf TDI Hybrid: Geneva '08 Preview

Auto Bild has decided to "help" Volkswagen introduce the VW Golf TDI Hybrid concept that the automaker will be unveiling in Geneva a few days from now. So, how does it look? Pretty impressive. The car mates a 75 PS (74 HP) 3-cylinder TDI (presumably the 1.4L used in the Polo BlueMotion), a 27 horsepower electric motor and a 7-speed DSG to average 69 mpg (3.4l/100km) in the European cycle with carbon dioxide emissions of just 90 g/km. The electric motor is powered by a trunk-mounted NiMH battery.

VW Golf TDI HybridVW Golf TDI Hybrid-2Based on the Google Translation of the page, we glean that the Golf TDI Hybrid is a full hybrid capable of running on electric power, diesel power or a combination of the two. It also uses regenerative braking, a stop/start system, and one of those energy monitor videogame screens that gives you a graphical representation of the powertrain's activity. Visually, the car sports a new Vivid Blue finish and employs narrower grillework, a lowered suspension, and low-rolling-resistance rubber to help maximize aerodynamics and fuel economy. We'll bring you full details from the show next week.

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