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Honda hybrid spied

Arch rival Toyota has always had the winning advantage having the Prius as its own specialised model. So much so that the name Prius has now become synonymous with hybrid cars and technology.
Honda on the other hand has been criticised over the years for essentially packaging a hybrid car in the same skin as its bread and butter model (Honda Civic). Somewhat confusing the market, or not differentiating enough. After all, many hybrid owners want the world to know they drive a hybrid!

Honda hybrid -1Honda hybrid -2The car which will change it all for Honda is the new Honda Hybrid captured by our photographers yesterday (pictured). We currently have no name for the car as Honda has not released any details. But we do know its based on the FCX concept.

We also know it will cost less than the Civic Hybrid but will use the same so called Integrated-Motor-Assist-System IMA that already powers the Civic.

Honda is working on several other hybrid models as well, with the new CR-Z (CR-X) also expected to be powered by a hybrid powertrain.

Will the Honda hybrid dethrone the Prius? Unlikely, given the years of unchallanged publicity Toyota has enjoyed, but we’d like to be proven wrong!

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