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2008 Lexus GS 450h

Edmunds reports 2008 Lexus GS hybrid has "rakish styling." feels "the GS is more futuristic than its predecessor, touting its long hood and set-back cabin.”

2008 Lexus GS 450hAutoblog says "visual differences, for the astute Lexus admirer, include 18-inch light-alloy wheels," adding that "the badge on the trunk will also reflect the Lexus 2008 hybrid powertrain"; beyond this, "all other features, including dimensions, match with the standard GS 430." also remarks that the 2008 Lexus GS 450h is "virtually identical to the GS 350 and GS 460 sedans...sporting Lexus' now-familiar face with its steeply raked headlights and thick C-pillars." Because it shares so much with the good-looking GS line, this Lexus 2008 model's styling "is sexier than that of many other hybrids," as the reviewer at ForbesAutos puts it.

The similarity extends to this 2008 Lexus's interior; notes this Lexus 2008 model's interior "is identical to other GS models." This is not necessarily a bad thing, as Car and Driver points out: "like other Lexuses, this one features a beautifully finished interior." Edmunds describes the 2008 Lexus in glowing terms: "genuine wood and aluminum trim complements the rich leather seating surfaces," though stating that "the highly polished wood can reflect glare annoyingly at times."

The 2008 Lexus GS 450h has reasonably good handling, but its hybrid powertrain doesn’t provide a substantial fuel-economy gain over the gas-powered version. Fuel economy is reasonable at EPA ratings of 22 mpg city and 25 mpg highway--but considering this Lexus 2008 vehicle is a hybrid, "not exactly a quantum leap…nor are they as good as the Mercedes-Benz E320 CDI's 27/37 mpg." Automobile does note, however, that it's "far less polluting than the diesel Benz--even the upcoming Bluetec version." It’s also no clear improvement over the Lexus GS 350 V-6’s 19/27 mpg.

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