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Infiniti G37 S

Meet Infiniti’s answer to the BMW 3-Series. Nissan’s luxury brand launches next spring, and the G37 is being billed as an alternative saloon for buyers wanting something distinctive on their drive.

All models in the Infiniti range use a 3.7-litre V6 engine with a choice of six-speed manual or seven-speed auto gearboxes, as well as four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering. Standard equipment is generous, too, with only top-end goodies such as intelligent cruise control, brake assist and a Bose stereo system as options.

Infiniti G37 S-1Infiniti G37 S-2Infiniti has been firmly established in the US since 1989, and with its wide grille, odd-shaped lights and jutting rear bumper, the G37’s American influence is clear to see. Inside, the cabin is well built, but the dash and steering wheel plastics feel cheap and can’t match the standards of rivals. Another niggle is with the boot. There’s plenty of space inside, but there’s no external release on the bootlid – you have to push a button on the dash even if the whole car is unlocked.

Fiddly technology aside, the G37 delivers some old-school fun. With its 316bhp petrol V6, it is certainly big on power. Blip the throttle and the twin oval tailpipes emit a growl which is more to the tune of a V8 than a six. On smooth roads, the G37 is a superb cruiser, and overtaking is instant, thanks to the 360Nm of torque on offer.

Meaty steering, wide tyres and the four-wheel-steer system on our test car made for a grippy and engaging drive. However, the suspension is too firm for anything other than motorways, and the ride is harsh, considering this is supposed to be a luxury car. It might be generously specced, but the Infiniti can’t match the likes of BMW in terms of ride, economy or practicality.

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