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2008 Dodge Ram 2500

The 2008 Dodge Ram HD is still instantly recognizable with its big-rig look, and Heavy Duty models with duallies stick out like sore thumbs.

The Dodge Ram HD is available in three cab styles, which dominate its exterior styling. You have the regular cab, Quad Cab (also known as a crew cab), and Mega Cab (which is essentially a jumbo crew cab). Edmunds writes that with its "jumbo-sized Mega Cab" and "big-rig styling," the Dodge Ram HD 2008 is "the manliest of this most manly truck category."

2008 Dodge Ram 2500Dodge Ram HD 2008 ST trims are "pretty bare-bones, offering little more than 17-inch wheels the SLT adds alloy wheels," says Edmunds. "A prominent 'gunsight' crossbar grille surrounded by bold brightwork (dark grey on the base ST) with squared-off fenders and wraparound headlamps" adorns the 2008 Dodge Ram HD, according to Kelley Blue Book, who comment, "Additional shiny bits and chrome wheels are part of higher trim levels." J.D. Power notes, "All Ram 2500 and short-box Quad Cab Ram 3500 models come with standard rear wheels, while all other Ram 3500s have duallie rear wheels."

Since the Dodge Ram 1500 receives a redesign in 2009, with the Dodge Ram HD models redesigned thereafter, the Dodge Ram HD 2008 interior carries over unchanged. However, as Edmunds reports, "An interior redesign a few years ago maintained the truck's freshness." They call it "a straightforward, user-friendly design," though "a slab of glossy, hopelessly fake wood placed front and center is the primary concession to cheesiness." Kelley Blue Book remarks, "Those who place a high importance on interior design and features may find more to admire in the Ram's heavy-duty competitors from Ford and GM."

The 2008 Dodge Ram HD is a powerhouse with either the HEMI or the Cummins diesel, but choose the latter for the ultimate in towing capability and fuel economy.

The standard engine is the 5.7-liter HEMI that makes "345 hp and 371 lb-ft of torque," notes Edmunds. They think the V-8 is "a competent all-around engine, but for serious towing and hauling (plus decent fuel economy), the 6.7-liter Cummins turbodiesel is essential." The Cummins is the first truck-market diesel engine to meet the stringent 50-state federal emissions requirements.

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