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Kia Rondo7

We were lucky enough to get a second go in the Rondo7, Kia’s affordable and popular people mover. Kia has always been popular in the MPV segment, over six years ago Kia introduced the Carnival, an 8 seater people mover sub $30K. And nowadays Kia has surprised us again introducing a 7 seater people mover sub $25K, yes under $25,000 for the entry level model. This means for families with more than the average 2.2 kids who want more passenger room don’t have to settle for second best and buy used, families now have the luxury of going through the exciting process of ordering a new car.

Kia Rondo7-1Kia Rondo7-2This car is definitely for a family like mine and it’s so affordable, I couldn’t believe it when I looked up the price. Sure it doesn’t have a V8 engine or all the wizz bangs but it’s a purposeful vehicle that doesn’t look half bad and has some nice features.

The excellent fuel economy also means its lacking power, but I don’t mind, as I do not need to hoon around with a family, pram and shopping in the back. I was fond of the automatic transmission, smooth sounding gear changes and no clunks when shifting down the gears.

The interior pillars do not interfere with blind spots, making changing lanes easier, the windscreen is large which is important for me as I’m a very observant driver especially with my loved ones in the car. A great point to make mention is the view of the kids in the backseat, they’re not covered by large front seats so looking back to see which one started the fight is possible.

The height of the rear seats is a bit low as the kids in the back cannot see out the side door windows, which is not good as they tend to get bored quite easily. Being a parent who believes in communicating verbally and not in computerised games, the kids begin to annoy one another for fun instead of asking questions about the scenery.

Overall, as you may have guessed I grew to be quite fond of the Rondo7, it got us from A to B and would easily take us on a family trip to C. With the features, looks, excellent fuel economy and most importantly the price I would recommend taking the Rondo for a test drive when considering a new car.

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