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The Reggie Bush Mercedes-Benz CLS ASMA Design Shark II On eBay

It appears no one is safe from what's now officially being called a recession, as even Kim Kardashian & Co. have resorted to pawning off their pre-owned goods off via the trusty eBay auction block. In addition to a host of garments and fashion accessories that in their prior life managed to adorn one of the finest asses in existence, another item especially noteworthy is the ASMA Design Mercedes CLS Shark II owned by Kim's boyfriend and New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush – the very same model that achieved worldwide notoriety when it made its debut in April of 2006.

The Reggie Bush Mercedes-Benz CLS ASMA Design Shark II Features of Reggie's 2006 Mercedes CLS500 include, among other things, ASMA Design's Shark II styling, Brembo brakes, 21-inch Lowenhart wheels, a custom suede interior headliner and a custom exhaust system, with the work being done by the renowned California-based Platinum Motorsports. Like all good celebrity auctioneers do, Reggie's also throwing in some signed plaques that highlight the CLS, and he'll also sign the car, should you so desire.

If you're interested in the Reggie Bush Mercedes CLS Shark II, you'll have to act quick, as there's just under 10 hours left on the auction timer. The current bid is $80,100 with the reserve not met, so getting your hands on Reggie's Mercedes isn't going to be cheap. Also, for the charitable among you, a little less than 5 percent of the proceeds are going to the Dream Foundation charity, so you can rest easy knowing that an extremely small portion of your winning bid actually went to a worthwhile cause.

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