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Nissan NV2500

Nissan unveiled today their latest concept - the Nissan NV2500. The Nissan NV2500 is a multi-task commercial vehicle and is one of the largest concepts ever built by the company. The Nissan NV2500, developed specifically for the North American market and will serve as a rolling idea lab for the Japanese brand's entry on the CV market.

Nissan NV2500-1Nissan NV2500-2The Nissan NV2500 has a 147.6-inch (12.3-foot)) wheelbase and measures 19.5 feet in length, it's 8 feet tall and 6.6 feet wide. The company did not disclose any details about the powertrains that may be fitted on the Nissan NV2500.

Not only does the NISSAN NV2500 Concept provide an original take on Commercial Vehicle (CV) design, it also provides a preview of Nissan’s entry into the CV market in North America. With Nissan CVs already sold in 73 percent of the world’s markets, including Japan, China, Mexico, Europe, South America, Australia and the Middle East among others, Nissan will enter the CV business in North America in 2010.

The NISSAN NV2500 is conceived first and foremost as a powerful, multi-purpose utility vehicle. Built on a modified Nissan Titan full-size pickup all-steel, fully boxed ladder frame, engine choices would be selected for competitive power and fuel efficiency. Other under-skin components include an automatic transmission and solid rear axle. The wheels are a special 20-inch billet aluminum design, while the Michelin tires include a special tread pattern designed for a good payload capacity and fuel efficiency.

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